Happy Birthday Zola Budd


Wishing a Happy Birthday to an athlete who is just famous as is infamous. Today is the 50th Birthday of runner who competed for Great Britian and South Africa, Zola Budd.

Zola Budd broke the world record in the women’s 5000 and was also a two time champion at the World Cross Country Championships (1985-1986). Budd’s career was also made to fame as she raced barefoot.

She competed at the 1984 Olympic Games for Great Britain where her infamous collision with American athlete Mary Decker occurred.


The American, Mary Decker took the earky lead in the race as it was a stacked race with another one of Britians finest (Smith-Sly) as well a woman from Romania (Puica). This was out of the norm for Decker and Budd, as they were used to leading leaders.

Than there was the infamous collision between to two! It happens around 1700 meters into the race as Decker was leading.


After the collision which took Decker out of cimoeititiin, Budd faded back from the leaf finishing seventh. Being this Olympic Games in the United States and Decker representing the USA, where was a resounding chorus of boos.


Zola finished with an 8:48 which was just more then 10 seconds from her persinal best at 8:37.

After the race Budd then tried to aooroach and apoligize for the collusion, to which Decker replied, “Don’t bother!”.

Puică took gold for Romania,
Sly in second for Great Britian
and Lynn Williams of Canada for the bronze.


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